Contour Legacy Leg Pillow


The new As Seen On TV Contour Legacy Leg Pillow is perfect for those looking for relief from back pain, hip pain, leg pain or even knee pain. Millions are enjoying the new and improved patented shape:
• Orthopedic design contours to your body and cushions both thighs & knees
• 25% more leg support than ordinary leg pillows
• Natural alignment stabilizes pelvis & lower back
• Tapered edges give your knees full range of mobility to allow you to move throughout the night
• Pillow stays put – even when you bend your knees
• Helps alleviate pain points in back, hips & knees for all night comfort
• Ventilated cushion and cover provide you cool dry comfort
• Use 2 leg pillows for full leg comfort & support

Features & Benefits
• Tapered edges – cradles your thighs and knees snugly allowing you to move freely, change sleep positions, and bend knees
• 25% longer with extra thick support at top – provides more leg support to extend to your knee – no more rubbing bone on bone
• Ventilated memory foam – super soft, keeps its shape, and provides air flow to stay cool
• Breathable washable cover – plush cover easily removes for washing
• Crescent clearance – curved to comfortably fit pelvic region for men and women
• Add a 2nd pillow for full leg support – from hips to ankles

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1) Legacy Leg Pillow - ventilated foam with breathable cover