CPAPMax® CPAP Bed Pillow by Contour


The CPAPMax® Pillow helps CPAP users get the best night’s sleep every night. Its orthopedic design, 4 different height options, reversible cool mesh and plush fiber-fill sides, and side cutouts help you find the perfect comfortable position – even while wearing a CPAP mask. Excellent for back, side, or stomach sleepers and works with all CPAP therapy masks and brands.

• Reduce Leaks
• Reduce Noise
• Reduce Dry Eyes
• Reduce Lines

Features & Benefits

• 3 different layers (memory foam, high-resiliency foam, and charcoal infused foam) allow you to choose the perfect comfort level – remove or add layers to create 4 different height options
• Perfect for side, back, or stomach sleeping positions
• Orthopedic design and concave center improves airway and spinal alignment
• Breathe easier and improve positioning with the ergonomic design (concave center for your head, crescent cutout for your shoulders, and facial supports on the sides)
• Side cutouts provides extra space for the mask while side sleeping
• Reversible sides allow you to choose between cool, 3D mesh or plush, fiber fill
• Ventilated foam and 3D mesh promotes air flow to keep you cool and dry and reduce heat and perspiration
• Hose tether allows you to move easily throughout the night and reduces the tugging at your mask
• Two-year warranty
• Improved design provides superior support allowing you to sleep comfortably all night long while increasing your CPAP compliance

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What's Included
1) CPAPMax® pillow with reversible cover